Branding & Visual Identity

Effective use of branding across the board can boost revenue by 23% - Design-driven market leaders dominate their competition by constantly investing in the development of their brand.


Your brand is the personality of your business

Your brand is defined by how people perceive you when they interact with your business, product or service. It is a crucial part of the buying process and a strong brand is one of the most valuable assets a company can possess.

Developing a unique visual identity is just one element in creating a brand that stands the test of time. For your brand to truly connect with your customer, understanding their persona before you position yourself is vital.

We help businesses define their personality and purpose by getting to know what they stand for and what makes their customers tick.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Brand Strategy Development

We work with businesses of all types to develop a clear strategy for their brand. We get to know your story, how you got to where you are and where you want to be in the future.

Once we’ve found out what makes your brand unique, learnt about your industry, competitors and customers – we get to work on defining a strategy that puts your personality and what you stand for at the heart of everything.

Brand Identity Development

Whilst your logo sits at the core of your visual identity. Creating a timeless logo design is the just beginning of your journey to creating a recognisable and successful brand. Colour, photography, typography and graphics all play their own part in creating an unforgettable brand.

We’ve worked with companies all over the globe to develop unique business identities across many different industries.

Brand Naming

Naming your business, product or service can be a tricky process. The name of your brand acts as a springboard for ideas and can connect with your audience on many levels. Similar to buying the right domain name, it’s challenging to find something unique.

We can help you define a name that resonates with your business and more importantly, your customers.

Brand Guidelines (Reference Book)

Your brand guidelines act as a single source of truth for employees, partners, designers and marketers. It ensures consistency in your communication so that everyone affiliated with your organisation knows exactly what the brand stands for and how it should be presented.

As part of our branding process, we create a definitive document that outlines the story of the brand that everyone can buy into.


Whether your business needs to refresh its tired brand identity, change consumer perception or just requires subtle changes to its logos and styling – we can work with you to make the rebranding process an inspirational and invigorating experience for your team and a commercial success with your consumers.

Why branding and a striking visual identity is crucial for your business

First Impressions Count

Branding is the magic ingredient in the recipe for business success. It’s what earns your business recognition from new and current customers alike, giving the company – and the staff within it – a personality. It also builds market trust, encouraging people to revisit a business they feel familiar with. We can help you build a distinctive brand and cement your name in the sector.

Transform your advertising

Strong branding makes advertising more powerful – and invariably generates better results. When you’re being portrayed in an identifiable, vibrant way, your advertising methods will catch more eyes… and enjoy more conversions.

Why bring in a creative agency for branding?

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. But, to get people talking about your business organically, you need to have a strong brand presence both online and offline. When you have a branding agency beside you, building a great reputation is a much faster, easier process. Mainroom Media can give you that visual identity you need.


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