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Hi - We're Mainroom Media. A Web design agency based in central Manchester, working with clients all over the world to create exceptional digital experiences that convert visitors into long-term customers.



Eye-popping web design that looks just as good under the hood

More often than not, your website is the first place that new customers will interact with your brand. Reports show that 88% of consumers are unlikely to come back to a website when they’ve had a difficult user experience.

Not only does your website need to be visually crisp, it is imperative that navigating around the site is effortless and the functionality works seamlessly across all devices.

We can help you transform your website’s front end appearance from top to bottom, build the engine behind that will power an exceptional user experience and set it up correctly so that search engines will fall in love with too.

Web Design (UI Design)

When users land on your website for the first time, you have a matter of seconds to make the right impression. Our team excel at designing the front end, creative skin for websites, apps, and other digital products. This includes implementing the right colour schemes and typefaces that sit inline with your brand, as well as designing the right layout for your website pages or app.

Web Development

Web design and development work in tandem. Not only is it critical that the front end of your site is designed to an exceptional standard, but building the engine behind correctly is equally as important.

Our manchester web development team work with all the latest web technologies and API’s to turn our captivating designs into fully functional, fast-loading web experiences that your clients and search engines will fall in love with.

e-Commerce Web Design

We understand that your eCommerce website is an integral part of your sales channel. User experience is everything and getting it right first time is crucial for online success. Your eCommerce website needs to be fast, trustworthy, simple for the user to navigate through with your products sitting front and central.

We specialise in creating slick, intuitive eCommerce websites that convert visitors into long-term customers.

Wordpress CMS Integration

Our preferred content management system for the websites we build is WordPress. We base our web design on WordPress because It’s easy for our clients to manage their website content from any web browser with no coding skills at all.

Search engines absolutely love it because the code behind it is clean and it’s also fully scalable to grow as your business grows.

UK Based Secure Web Hosting

We don’t just design and develop websites, we also provide fully secure, lightning speed web hosting solutions, using our dedicated servers in Manchester.

Whether you are looking to host an information website with a handful of pages or a full-scale e-commerce store with thousands of products, we can provide the right technology to support your site and help your business thrive online.

Website Maintenance

Our website maintenance packages ensure your shiny, happy, new site continues to perform well for you and your users.

We take care of updating plugins, security monitoring, malware scanning, daily backups and performance monitoring to make sure your site stays online and running smoothly.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) are both powerful marketing channel for any business that wants to flourish online.. When executed correctly, SEO & PCC campaigns will deliver more traffic and more leads – which means more revenue into your business.

We have strategic partnerships in place with award-winning SEO agencies who we trust to deliver results for our clients.

Social Media Paid Ads

Over 40% of the population regularly use social media. Is ignoring social media as part of your digital marketing strategy a good idea? Paid social media ads can catapult the launch of your product, increase brand awareness and generate high-quality leads and sales – all at a relatively low cost.

We have strategic partnerships in place with award-winning social media agencies who we trust to deliver results for our clients.

The Importance Of Good Web Design & Development

First Impressions Count

Your website is your chance to show people what you’re offering. And dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of similar businesses are doing the same. That’s why you need to get web design right. Visitors will leave roughly 10 seconds after visiting a domain that doesn’t wow them. An awesome website convinces them to stick around… and choose you over others.

Better Conversion Rate & Marketing ROI

Conversion is what sets the great websites apart from the good ones. Statistics show that more than half of all web users prefer attractive websites, whilst 86% expect to see clear information on products and services as soon as they arrive. Mainroom help you build a website that’s impactfully presented – putting the important stuff in all the right places for higher conversion and ROI.

Trust & Credibility

As many as 75% of people judge a business’ credibility on their website – and more than 90% will simply click away from any webpage that appears out of date. That’s why you need a web design agency with the tools and know-how to build something special. 

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help transform your business through better web design.


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