Web Hosting & Maintenance

Lightening speed, secure web hosting for businesses who demand high-performance websites and apps.


Lightening speed UK based web hosting

Website performance is essential for good user experience, SEO and conversion rate optimisation. A four-second delay in page loads can lose 11.02% of page views.

We acknowledge the importance of this and offer top-notch hosting and ongoing website maintenance packages to keep your site firing on all cylinders around-the-clock.

With our experts checking in, you can rest easy knowing your site is running safely and smoothly.

UK Based Secure Web Hosting

We don’t just design and develop websites, we also provide fully secure, lightning speed web hosting solutions, using our dedicated servers in Manchester. Whether you are looking to host an information website with a handful of pages or a full-scale e-commerce store with thousands of products, we can provide the right technology to support your site and help your business thrive online.

Website Maintenance

Our website maintenance packages ensure your shiny, happy, new site continues to perform well for you and your users. We take care of updating plugins, security monitoring, malware scanning, daily backups and performance monitoring to make sure your site stays online and running smoothly.

Data Centre Security

Our servers are hosted in a data centre that has been built with security in mind and with the following measures in place: They are both ISO27001- and ISO9001-certified, ensuring your data is protected at the highest standards.

The importance of good web hosting for your business.

High-performance web hosting is vital for the long term success and the ROI on your website. Neglecting to choose the right foundation and conducting regular maintenance tasks on your site can have disastrous effects on your business. Here are just a few reasons why it’s important to invest in good web hosting.

Website Loading Times & SEO

Back in 2010 an announcement from Google delivered the news that page speed would impact your website ranking on its platform. Page speed actually refers to the time a use has to wait until your page is completely loaded. Websites with slow page speeds are penalised by the search engines and have an impact on your ranking on mobile and desktop devices.

Making sure your website is running on a high-performance server can dramatically improve page speed- which google loves and so will your clients.



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